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Your high-stress career, personal finances, home life, family matters, and health all compete for your time and energy.

Trying to juggle all these responsibilities can leave  you feeling stressed, tired, and sick with little time to recharge and  reboot.

Exercise can be the magic pill you have been looking for even if you believed you don't have the time.

ABC Wellness Zone's MPOWER24 corporate high intensity  interval training was designed from the ground up just for you.  Using  the science behind the 1 Minute Workout we created a simple 3 minute  twice daily high intensity workout that can get the same results as a 60  minute moderate intensity run without  the time commitment.



Our mission  is to design science based corporate wellness programs for busy  professionals like you that understand the value of regular exercise but  just  can't find the time for it.

Welcome to the new 21st century science of exercise  and fitness. If you are still operating off 20th century exercise  science you are about to be amazed at what we now know about exercise.

Today exercise and nutrition  science looks like  something from the future and the future is  today. Using a special type  of  exercise that  can be completed in as little a ONE minute you can  achieve the same cardioresperatory, health, and fitness benefits that  you would from a moderate intensity 45-60 minute  workout.



Our solutions begin with an employee health and wellness assessment to gauge their current level of fitness.

This is followed by a coach's analysis that explains what the wellness assessment showed.

Finally a personalized ONE minute workout is designed based on the employees' current  fitness level and goals.

The routine  is   designed to be engaged twice a day for a total of 3 minutes each time.  This includes a 1 minute warmup, 20 second workout, 20 second rest, 20  second workout, 20 second rest, 20 second workout, 20 second rest and  cool down as you head back to work. Within minutes employees will feel  energized, focused, enthusiastic and motivated. This effect can last  for hours after it is completed.


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