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Developed by experienced clinicians and rehabilitation professionals, Brain Injury Fundamentals is an all-new training and certificate program is designed to address the unique needs and challenges of those who care for or encounter individuals with brain injury. This includes: 

 Non-licensed direct care staff persons

 Facility staff

 Family members and friends

 First responders

 And others in the community

Topics Covered

The training course covers essential topics such as: 

 Cognition 

 Guidelines for interacting and building rapport 

 Brain injury and behavior 

 Medical complications 

 Safe medication management 

 Families coping with brain injury 

Adult Education Model

The course is grounded in adult learning principles, maximizing participant engagement and application through an interactive workbook. Using real-life scenarios to anchor the course concepts, participants learn about the challenges people face following brain injury and the types of support they need. 

This essential program will help candidates understand different types of behavior, manage medication safely, and provide support to families and friends. 


After completing this intensive training, candidates will receive a certificate that is valid for three years. To learn more about the application process visit: Training 

Training is required in order to receive the Brain Injury Fundamentals certificate.  The training will take 8 hours and is provided by Clint Pearman, a Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer and approved Brain Injury Fundamentals instructors.

Cost and Fees

The Brain Injury Fundamentals Application, and Test (including Practical Training Workbook): $125 plus shipping* Training fees for instructors vary, however, because this initial Southern  Ca training session will be video recorded and all attended will need to agree to participate in the audience this initial training session be $10.00 to the first 20 participants and $25.00 for the next 20. 

Future training session be be $250.00 for training, workbook, and testing. *Fundamentals Application fees are non-refundable. For more information and frequently asked questions, please click here.


  1. What is the Brain Injury Fundamentals Program?  Brain Injury Fundamentals is a training and certificate program that addresses the practical needs and challenges of those who care for or encounter individuals with brain injury.
  2. What are the eligibility requirements of the program and who can take the course?  There are no requirements. All individuals can take the course and pursue the certificate. The program is designed for non- licensed direct care staff, individual caregivers, family members and friends, first responders, and others in the community.
  3. What are the associated costs?  The published price for a single applicant is US$125, which includes applicant registration, one copy of the Fundamentals Practical Training Workbook, and shipping. This fee does not cover potential training costs, which are determined by instructors.
  4. Who teaches the course? What is taught in the course?  The Fundamentals course is delivered by approved Brain Injury Fundamentals Instructors. The course is grounded in adult learning principles, maximizing participant engagement and application through an interactive workbook. The training course covers topics such as Cognition, Guidelines for Interacting and Building Rapport, Brain Injury and Behavior, Medical Complications, Safe Medication Management, and Families Coping with Brain Injury.
  5. What is the process to obtain the Fundamentals certificate?  Candidates must register and attend a training course, submit an electronic application and payment, and successfully pass the online quiz in order to obtain the Fundamentals certificate.
  6. Is training mandatory? If so, where and when are trainings held?  Yes. Didactic training must be arranged and coordinated with a Brain Injury Fundamentals Instructor. Details, such as location and time, vary based on the instructors' availability.
  7. How long are trainings?  The length of a training course is dependent on the instructor and his/her teaching plan. In piloting the Fundamentals program, we found that training may take from 7 to 12 hours.
  8. Are there online trainings available?There is currently no available online recorded webinar for the Fundamentals training. However after the initial Southern CA training scheduled in March there will be a recorded version of the training. The Fee for that training will be $250.00
  9. What are the benefits of participating in the Fundamentals program? The Fundamentals program promotes a higher standard of care. By taking the course, you will broaden your knowledge of brain injury and improve your ability to interact with and/or care for individuals with brain injury.
  10. Does Fundamentals count as a credential? Brain Injury Fundamentals is not a credential or licensure. It is a certificate of completion for those who complete Fundamentals training and pass an online quiz.
  11. How long is the certificate period and what is the renewal process?  The certificate is valid for three years. Certificate holders must repeat the course and pay associated fees to renew the certificate.
  12. When and where do I take the quiz?The quiz can only be taken after all forms and fees have been submitted, processed and approved, and after completing training. The quiz is administered online, and candidates must arrange their own quiz date & time with the ACBIS office through the Fundamentals Quiz Generation Card.
  13. What will I find on the quiz and what score is required to pass?  The quiz has 34 multiple choice questions with two ungraded short answer questions. Candidates must score 80% or higher in order to pass the quiz.
  14. What study tools and resources are available?  There is a complimentary Brain Injury Fundamentals Practical Training Workbook with each application purchase.
  15. What is the Brain Injury Fundamentals Practical Training Workbook?  It is a paperback, 7 module, 83-page text that accompanies official Brain Injury Fundamentals trainings. The workbook includes guided prompts for notes to help the attendee record important concepts presented during training.
  16. How do I start?  First register at for the course at Brain Injury Association of American  by clicking here. Than register for the training right here by clicking on the Book Appointment link and choosing the Brain Injury Fundamentals Course. 
  17. What do I do if I have questions about the training. Contact me if you have any questions.