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Basic Program

Research shows one of the real secrets to developing a healthy lifestyle and truly improving your health for the long term is to have a health and wellness coach.  Imagine having a health and wellness coach to help you:  

  1. Set goals
  2. Develop plans
  3. Get and stay motivated
  4. Learn great nutrition secrets
  5. Learn to use nutritional supplements
  6. Remain focused on your health goals
  7. Get involved in fit clubs, boot camps, and more
  8. Essentially develop an optimum healthy lifestyle

Now stop imaging this and join ABC Wellness Zone. ABC Wellness Zone is one of 90,000 private health and wellness community based teams, clubs, and centers.
We are powered by a global international 7 billion dollar support company located in 90 countries across the globe.
We work with individual, teams, and organizations to help them improve their health and well being.   Our clients consist of some of the worlds top athletes, high powered executives, professional teams, Olympic athletes, and everyday men, women, and children that want to create the healthiest lifestyle possible. Using our unique coaching, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle change model we have help millions of people around the world get and stay healthy and we can help you too.  Powered by a global leader in the health and nutrition industry our advisory board consist of more than 30 of the worlds leading nutrition experts including:    

To learn more click on the Contact us box and lets get started today. Or just begin by taking the FREE Wellness Assessment today. 

Six Steps to GET Started

Step 1. Wellness Assessment

Start by taking our FREE online Health and Wellness Assessment

Discover  your most important wellness and fitness needs to include: weight  management, stress management, digestive health, men's and women's  health issues, fitness solutions, basic nutrition solutions, and more. Click Here

Take Assessment Now

Step 2. Recieve Coaches Analysis

Receive a FREE Health and Wellness Coach Analysis

Learn  what your assessment numbers mean to your health. Your coach will  explain everything the wellness assessment identified. I will contact  you with in 24-48 hours after I review your assessment results.

Step 3. Choose the Best Solutions

Choose the best Wellness and Fitness Solutions for you

I  will help you design a wellness program to include: clear and simple  fitness solutions, nutrition suggestions, and wellness coaching support  recommendations to improve and optimize your health and wellness  program.

Step 4. Join the Club FREE

A Private Health and Nutrition Coaching Club - local site and online.

Track  your fitness progress, nutrition intake, get meal plans, receive  nutrition education and training, and recognition for success. Get and  stay motivated, focused, and inspired by or team of dedicated and  passionate health and wellness coaches

Step 5. Stay Connected for Motivation

Communicate with your coach weekly for motivation, education, and accountability

The  key to online coaching success is in the weekly coaching sesssions by  phone or online. Stay focused as you make the life style changes to  reach your goals

Step 6. Work Your Plan and Succeed

Reach your goals and have fun along the way

The  entire process evolves around making your success simple, fun, and as  magical as possible with our proven system. You will be part of a team  of clients and coaches all focused on developing a healthy active  lifestyle.

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